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Cabinet des Fées
a journal of fairy tale fiction
"Orpheus" by Amal El-Mohtar 
29th-Apr-2010 10:58 pm
Two more days in April: two more poets to celebrate what is the close of National Poetry Month in the United States. Today, we welcome Amal El-Mohtar, no stranger to the digital pages of Cabinet des Fées - she has been published in Scheherezade's Bequest, she writes book reviews for the site, and has been interviewed in her fearsomely mischievous guise as one-half of the Goblin Queen duo with Jessica P. Wick, editing the succulent poetry quarterly Goblin Fruit. She won the 2009 Rhysling Award with her poem "Song for an Ancient City" and her poetry and prose have ranged the zine-seas, from Mythic Delirium to Sybil's Garage, from Shimmer to Strange Horizons and beyond. She currently lairs in an Old Library built from dismantled ships, pursuing a PhD in English literature and convincing all the local poor souls that she's not actually a Queen of Tea and Mischief come among them to steal all their honey.

Today, she gives us a poetic salute to bereft and destroyed Orpheus; this poem was previously published in Sybil's Garage No. 5.

[Follow the link to read "Orpheus" and a short interview with Amal!]
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